Our Responsibility

Our Responsibility

The essence of GASMETH…

The intention we make decisions by... Empower, uplift and rise together...

  • This begins and ends with people…. Developing talent… Providing the highest standard of training.
  • Developing careers in and moving forward within GASMETH.
  • Valuing individuals… personally, financially and creating fulfilment.
  • Developing the community…
  • Providing a GLOBAL footprint for future projects in building countries.
  • Creating a growth mindset…. Everything is within us….
  • Developing/showcasing technologies and techniques for the first end to end gas extraction supply.

  • Firstly to the people of Rwanda… up to 1000 well paid…skilled jobs…
  • Employing YOU for the right job now…. Then building your faith in the skills for the future..
  • Inspiring and empowering people to feel their worth..
  • Bettering the wellbeing of the community..
  • If YOU have technical or professional background… always keen to hear from you.

  • Reducing the atmospheric pollutants biomass..(Charcoal and Wood)
  • Reducing the unsustainable rate of tree felling for biofuel by over one million T.P.A.
  • Safeguard the environment as the project develops.

  • Internships…
  • Apprenticeships...
  • Supporting International educated Rwandans return with their wisdom…
  • Taking our expertise into schools, colleges and University…

  • Can you image building connections with other businesses in the country
  • Enabling the creative minds of the brave local entrepreneurs to start and progress
  • Transforming the economy…
  • Working in partnership with existing businesses in Rwanda from the opportunities that will come from this project.

  • Women’s empowerment… Reaching out to hear the most amazing voices of women…
  • Let us not talk gender diversity… Gender pay gap??
  • Everyone is trying to close the gap… We wont start with one.
  • Inspire the minds to be limitless in what can be achieved.
  • To have the highest work ethic… of work hard… be kind.

  • Building globalisation of Rwanda.
  • Creating global awareness of the development Rwanda.
  • Provide domestic supply of gas.
  • romoting and driving GDP growth of Rwanda.
  • Boosting Rwandas economy by reducing the balance of trade by approximately one third.